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Distributorless ignition systems the principles of operation are basically no different than those for distributor equipped electronic ignition systems that began appearing on american automobiles in 1972. The system is generally only used on four cylinder engines as the control system becomes too complex for higher numbers. General information battery the universal efi ignition box will operate on any negative ground, 12 volt electrical system with a distributor. Distributorless ignition systems dis by larry carley download pdf. The dis4 distributorless ignition system is derived from new technology created by oems to improve timing issues, energy loss, spark degradation and low emission standards associated with normal distributors. What is the difference between conventional, electronic. Vsg distributorless ignition system dis wiring diagram reference e8jl12a200ad 54.

Getting rid of your distributor and installing a programmable distributorless ignition system can solve a multitude of problems such as. Programmable distributorless ignition system for vw. The distributor cap is the cover that protects the distributors internal parts and holds the contacts between internal rotor and the spark plug wires. Congratulations on your purchase of a holley distributorless ignition system.

The universal efi ignition cannot be used with distributorless ignition systems dis. When compared to a distributor ignition system, the total voltage requirement for distributorless ignition is practically the same. Comes complete with coil pack, crank sensor, magnets, wiring harness, vacuum hose, manual. An ignition system generates a spark or heats an electrode to a high temperature to ignite a fuelair mixture in spark ignition internal combustion engines. Automotive ignition systems explained general motors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a distributorless ignition system. What are the adv and disadv of distributorless ignition systems. Switching and timing are controlled by an ignition module that is tied into. How an ignition system works distributorless ignition systems. It can be used with 16 volt batteries and can withstand a momentary 24 volts in case of. This includes all the individual components of the system presented on a steel turret so that each component can be clearly identified. One of the technologies that enables this long maintenance interval is the distributorless ignition the coil in this type of system works the same way as the larger, centrallylocated coils.

Distributorless ignition system dis replaces the distributor ignition systems have evolved to a completely solid state electronic system with no moving parts. This real component trainer provides the instructor with a working distributorless ignition system for group or wholeclass demonstration. These are not used on modern cars, at least not in the us. You can download pdf of the whole document at the end of this article. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading automotive ignition systems explained general motors. Mechanical ignition systems are comprised primarily of the ignition switch, the ignition coil, spark plugs and the distributor. Pdf developing distributorless ignition system learning. How distributorless ignition system works dis youtube. Print the distributorless ignition system or electronic ignition ei system does not use the conventional distributor and ignition coil.

Distributorless ignition systems use a method called simultaneous ignition also called waste spark where an ignition spark is generated from one ignition coil for two cylinders simultaneously. January20, 2010 10 leecautomotive systems ignition distributor distributes ignition voltage to the spark plug. Default product name price low to high price high to low newest. Distributorless ignition system dis main components. With this system do you still have to time the engine by finding tdc etc. High boost level applications can gain from converting to distributorless ignition. After studying the battery and magneto ignition system, this is another important. It mainly consists of a 6 or 12 volt battery, ammeter, ignition switch, autotransformer step up transformer, contact breaker, capacitor, distributor. Contains either mechanical contact points or an electronic switching circuit. The electrical system is the most important support system of a vehicle. The results reveal that 1 the distributorless ignition system learning media.

While this is called a conventional ignition system, its something of a misnomer. The spark plug wire can often be installed on the wrong coil pack that can create a nostart condition or poor engine operation. Distributorless ignition systems dis obdii scanner. Tighten the assembly to the mount using a 4 mm allen wrench see. Dis systems allow stronger spark and more precise ignition timing control which improves emissions and efficiency which will increase the overall power of the car. Compufire disix distributorless ignition system for the bosch 009 distributor covers compufire part. Know how the modern electronic ignition system works in latest vehicles. The ford edis or electronic distributorless ignition system is a computercontrolled ignition system developed by ford that uses an ignition coil for each pair of cylinders wasted spark. Explain how various types of electronic distributorless ignition systems. Distributorless ignition systems eliminate the distributor. Ignition system free download as powerpoint presentation.

View and download ford vsg411 service manual online. With dwell control, internal tach driver and static timing led light. Distributorless ignition system dis control msd ignition. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. This is a primary benefit of knowing how to convert to distributorless ignition. As much information as possible please, i want to learn and answer the question at the same time, 10.

All the coils are placed in a single module called a coilpack. So, no distributor means there is no distributor cap or rotor to replace. The distributor cap has one post for each cylinder, and in points ignition systems there is a central post for the current from the ignition coil coming into the. When a key is inserted into the ignition switch and turned to the start position, the switch temporarily draws the full voltage of the battery to. Start with the secondary spark test, commence to the coil test located under the coil procedures later in this section and, finally, perform the failuretostart test. Operation developments testing distributorless ignition systems 16. The third type of ignition system is the distributorless ignition. Holley cannot and will not be responsible for any alleged or actual engine or other damage, or other conditions resulting from misapplication of the products described herein. Distributorless ignition systems dis have been around for almost a decade now, and have eliminated much of the maintenance that used to be. Distributorless direct ignition systems overview toyota. Maxfire distributors are precision machined and ready to run right out of the box. Complete stand alone system, the old stock ignition system is removed. Distributorless ignition has all the features of programmed ignition systems but, by using a special type of ignition coil, outputs to the spark plugs without the need for an ht distributor. For use on engines equipped with carburetors or mechanical fuel injection.

To tacei compufire model disix distributorless ignition system for the bosch 009 distributor congratulations you have just purchased the highest performance ignition system available for a vw engine equipped with the 009 distribu. Automotive ignition systems explained general motors kindle edition by concepcion, mandy. The system consists of 2 separate ignition coils, an ignition control module icm, crankshaft sensor, camshaft position cmp sensor, along with the related connecting wires and the ignition control ic portion of the powertrain control module pcm. The new cpi is a programmable, stand alone, crank triggered, distributorless ignition system for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. It mainly consists of a 6 or 12 volt battery, ammeter, ignition switch, autotransformer step. Lag in power and performance because of the mechanical advance system in the 009 vw distributor. Today msd is developing electronics for your entire powertrain. Early on, msd focused squarely on ignition systems with revolutionary products like the multiple sparking cd ignition, timing and rev controls, billet aluminum distributors and the promag, an incredible breakthrough in power and endurance. This is an older style of ignition system that uses points, a distributor, and an external coil. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Each spark plug, or in some cases, pair of spark plugs, has its their own ignition coil and through ignition wires, are connected directly to the spark plugs.

Install coils pn 10472401d onto the ignition module using the four coil screws that are provided. Distributorless ignition system dis is the ignition system in which the distributor of the electronic ignition system is replaced with number of induction coils i. This is a picture of the pulley and sensor installed. The voltage loss from the spark gap between the distributor rotor and cap terminal, is replaced by the voltage loss in the cylinder on the exhaust stroke in the distributorless ignition system. Pdf developing distributorless ignition system learning media for. What are the adv and disadv of distributorless ignition. Distributorless ignition for the g54b the ignitionpro. Can be used with any fuelinjectionpro fuel systems, the stock fuel ecu, and most aftermarket systems. To test the ignition system, perform the test procedures in a particular sequence. Very different from conventional and electronic coils sit directly on top of the spark plugs, no spark plug wires, and the system is electronic.

Ignition coil changes battery voltage to high ignition voltage 30,000 volts andgreater. No distributor means theres no distributor cap or rotor to replace, and no troublesome vacuum or mechanical advance mechanisms to cause timing problems. Download ignition other operating systems and versions. For use on 6 or 8 cylinder engines with 2, 3 or 4 coil packs, 50 state legal, nonbod ii approved, 20 degree spark crankshaft rotation, draws 6. Ignition version archive strategic partner modules.

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